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Lunch Positive 10th Anniversary Celebrations

On Saturday, March 30th nearly 300 people helped us celebrate!

LUNCH Positive volunteers served meals to more than 300 people at the Community Lunch and 10th Anniversary celebrations during the B RIGHT ON LGBT+ Community Festival at the Phil Starr Pavilion on Saturday, March 30.

Hot dishes served up by the volunteers included Mediterranean chicken and rice, roasted vegetable lasagne (veggie), Moroccan vegetable tagine (vegan) and sweet potato and chick pea korma (vegan) – followed by choice of a large range of cheeses and home-made cakes.

Gary Pargeter

Gary Pargeter, Service Manager at Lunch Positive would like to say: “Thank you to everyone who came to the Community Lunch & Celebration on Saturday 30th March, and to those who sent the many kind messages of support. It was a wonderful event. The people we spoke to and our own volunteers all commented on the enjoyable atmosphere, the food, and the spirit of togetherness. It was great to be host to such a diverse crowd of people, and to also start this year’s celebration of 10 years of Lunch Positive. Thank you everyone who supports what we do, it is deeply appreciated, and a massive shout of appreciation to everyone who gives their time to help and volunteer for us!”

Thanks to Gscene for the photos and write-up of our special day! 

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Never forgotten:

Lunch Positive will always be a respectful and supportive space for members to share memories of loved ones affected by HIV who are no longer with us. 

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