Support for people living with HIV - Community, food, friendship & peer support

Welcome to the Lunch Club!

A place where everyone feels comfortable, included and amongst friends.

The Lunch Club space

The Lunch Club is a community space for everyone affected by HIV. The lunch club is set up ‘cafe style’ over two floors, and you can sit wherever suits you best. We provide a ‘seated-service’ setting, serving food and drinks at your table. The space is provided for you to spend time socialising at your table, sharing a meal, finding peer support.

The space belongs to everyone who visits. Many people use their time at Lunch Positive to meet new people and make new friends. Our members tell us that coming along really makes a difference to their lives, and we are always here to make your visits feel enjoyable and comfortable. The Lunch Club is provided by volunteers who are available to help people make the most of coming along, answer any questions and spend time with you if you would like.

What we serve

We serve enjoyable, freshly cooked and healthy food – each meal is well balanced and incorporates a persons ‘5 a day’ portions of fruit and vegetables.

We have a healthy eating policy which promotes healthy cooking methods, and we try to respond to the needs of people who may have common food allergies. If people have any particular dietary needs then please let us know and we will do our best to respond to these.

How much does lunch cost?

The lunch club relies entirely on charitable funding.

We suggest a donation of £1.50 for lunch – which helps to cover the cost of the food we have to buy. We do not charge where people are experiencing financial difficulty.

Everyone involved in running the Lunch Club works voluntarily, and we are extremely grateful for all donations which we receive to keep the service running.

Other things we do

The Lunch Club is a great way to access all kinds of support. As well as providing a healthy meal, we:

We are a peer-led group, and we regularly hold social events, picnics, support activities, and work with other local organisations.

We are always keen to hear members views and comments, and have a comments box, and hold occasional members meetings.


We have an absolute commitment to client confidentiality and safety, and run the Lunch Club on the basis of acceptance and respect for everyone who uses the service and volunteers for it. You can read our Confidentiality Policy here.

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