Support for people living with HIV - Community, food, friendship & peer support

How we are run

Lunch Positive are currently recruiting Trustees.

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How we are run

Lunch Positive is constituted as a charitable trust and is registered as a charity in England & Wales with the Charity Commission. The organisation is managed by a Trustee Board. Trustees meet regularly to oversee the running of the charity.

Our trustee board is comprised of people who have a range of experience and expertise to undertake effective management of the organisation, and includes people who live with or are affected by HIV. Find out more about our Trustees and Operational Staff.


The Board of Trustees meets regularly throughout the year to discuss governance matters,  finances, organisational performance and strategic development; operational performance and strategic development, trustee sub-group responsibilities and task management; risk and statutory compliance.

Trustees lead these meetings, with voting powers. Where agendas allow, meetings are also attended by the Service Manager and any other invited participants in non-voting capacities to inform, assist and support.

At the current time the position of Chairperson is vacant and our board is led on an interim basis by nominated trustees chairing at each meeting. Recruitment for the role of Chairperson is planned for 2021.

Charity Commission Registration

The Charity Commission regulates charities registered in England and Wales. Their website gives information on charity law, governance, and holds information for all registered charities. To view the Charity Commission website, and to view our entry visit: Charity Commission – Lunch Positive

PLEASE NOTE: Lunch Positive is currently in the process of changing it’s legal structure from being one of a Registered Charity, to one of a Company & Registered Charity. The Charity Commission entry to which you are directed here is for our current structure and should be used to understand the scope of our work and inform what may be required through trusteeship. When our current charity structure changes, all current and newly recruited trustees will become trustees of the new Company & Registered Charity.

Reserves Policy

The charity has a financial reserves policy. This policy is summarised on Trustees Annual Reports which are submitted each year to the Charity Commission, and can be viewed on their website. In the interest of transparency  to stakeholders, the full policy most recently agreed can be viewed here: Reserves Policy 2019-20.  

Contacting the Trustee Board

The Trustee Board can be contacted in writing via: Trustee Board, Lunch Positive. Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG Or by emailing [email protected]