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Help Us End Loneliness For People Living With HIV

Loneliness is our body’s way of letting us know that we’re not getting our social needs met.

It’s like a warning sign that we need to address our social needs – just like hunger is a warning sign that we need to eat.

How Lunch Positive helps

If left unchecked, loneliness can seriously affect our mental and physical health. At Lunch Positive we focus on ending loneliness for people living with HIV.

People who use our services experience serious health challenges and disadvantages in life. This can include the stigma around HIV that isolates people further. We run community groups and safe gatherings for people to meet, form friendships, socialise and share as part of a highly supportive community.

We provide befriending services to people with serious health problems who are isolated and feel completely alone, and we reach out directly to people at home when they cannot get out to meet other people.

Please help us to keep on providing this essential community support. By taking part in our annual Sponsored Solitude Week you could help hundreds of people living with HIV to end loneliness and have better lives.

You can help – take part in
Sponsored Solitude Week
16th – 20th October 2023

Over this week, all you need to do is undertake a total of 5 hours of planned activity of being alone. The 5 hrs do not have to be consecutive but must be completed within the dates set. The individual activity may be undertaken in the same room as others involved in individual activity.

Get as many people as you can to sponsor you for doing this, and then pass on the donation to us. You’ll make a massive and meaningful difference to the lives of others.

Your sponsored solitude activities could be from a range of things, and can be varied, including:

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Your help will support hundreds of people experiencing loneliness – we are hugely grateful!